Question: How do I get a Compucage Product?

Answer: You can contact us and we will direct you to the nearest reseller.

Question: Do you make customized devices?

Answer: If you have a device you want protected, let us know. We are willing to examine the possibility of making customized solutions. Almost every one of our products started out as a special customized solution for a client.

Question: Why would I use a Compucage Product to secure my laptop when a cable lock or data encryption is less intrusive?

We offer strong, reliable theft-deterrent products that protect laptops and mobile devices from physical loss. In fact, our products are quite innovative and yet non-intrusive to the user in their daily activities. Our customers have experienced strong success with Compucage and the feedback that we receive indicates our products are very successful in saving not only thousands, but also hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. More importantly, we drastically lower the Risk involved with the loss of important and confidential data on these devices.

Our patented security devices have been satisfying Fortune 500 corporations, Small/Medium Business, Retail Operations, Universities, Public Schools and Government Institutions since 1999.